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18th October Artist Talk



Sunlight plays on the water and dances on the undersides of the Mangrove
leaves. Cool mud in our toes and that smell of salt-air mixed with deep Earth. Join us here, where life abounds, for a synthesis of facts on Mangroves and Saltmarsh from Mia Dalby-Ball and awakening through Joshua Yeldham vision of the mangrove as a symbolic process of nature’s supreme technologies - filtering out redundant elements to drink vitality / absorbing our life’s nutrients to taste our full potential.

Joshua’s Bio
Artist and author Joshua Yeldham believes that love for oneself activates nature’s charm, and that the language of creativity can encourage us all to interrupt the daily repetition of life’s storyline. Drawing from a reverential love of nature and deep spiritual affiliation with the land, Joshua Yeldham creates intricately rendered works that oscillate between narrative and myth, imagination and real experience.

Mia’s Bio
Urban Ecology is Mia Dalby-Ball’s area and the focus is on the care, restoration and assisted re-creation of natural systems. A wetland and estuary expert, promoter of urban butterfly birthplaces, Mia’s projects aim to facilitate people’s appreciation of nature so we can celebrate what is here and see it into the future.










6th September Artist Talk



Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park has highlighted the design process, in the practice
 of both Art & Science as being one of balancing constraints. In searching for a meaningful direction or a way into understanding non-human, ‘natural’ environments, the scientific and artistic processes are both informed by direct experiential contact with the environment ‘at hand’. When the connection is reinforced in an open and mindfully present manner there is no need to devise any upfront, circumscribed outcome. 

Greg’s Bio
Greg Stonehouse‘s art practice has shifted from ephemeral installations to objects, from the studio to permanent public art projects, from the small to the immersive and from the abstract to the figurative. He has no signature. The choice of medium only depends upon what he is saying.

Shane’s Bio
For Shane Fahey, listening, for its own sake, to his immediate environment, holds the same appeal and contains the same transforming quality that the stillness of conscious breath has for a mindful person in contemplation. It has been a challenge to achieve this awareness in the face of the ‘emotion-invested’ goal driven enterprises of the performance and recording arts.










2nd August Artist Talk



The Australian flora has adapted its life-cycle to the powerful presence of fire.  Banksia presents us with an example of the visual and symbolic journey of this relationship: these species not only survive, but are often dependent on the process.

We will focus on the symbolism of destruction, rebirth and longevity. While fire is frightening and destructive, we wish to foster the understanding of its necessity in the survival of the landscape.

Mika’s Bio
Mika was born in Denmark in 1971 and has lived most of his adult life between Denmark, Mallorca and Sydney. He graduated from the National Art School in 1996, with solo exhibitions in Denmark, Spain, Scotland, England and Australia. Mika continues to work with nature as his source of inspiration and guidance.

Suzanne’s Bio
Suzanne is currently a Lecturer at UNSW, teaching various courses in Science. Her research interests include looking at natural recruitment in Banksia, including pollination, seed set and seedling establishment in natural populations in the Sydney area.